Ambassadors Message

IBPC – is a flagship forum that is very close to my heart. It helps us connect easily with the world of business and professionals in Qatar. Indians have strived and struggled hard to build a name for themselves in Qatar and today by God’s grace we are the largest and most sought after business and professional’s community in Qatar.

Through IBPC members and well-wishers I would like to welcome all to do business in Qatar. Please use the IBPC forum to strike strategic partnerships and deals that can enhance your business and also bring better opportunities and prospects to Qatar.

I am an email away if you need me as well. For any business discussion or meetings the embassy is your partner and will support you in all ways possible. Please make use of our services to its maximum.
Wishing you all a great future with IBPC and the great land of Qatar.

 P Kumaran – Ambassador of India to Qatar

Vision & Mission

Mission:To promote trade and commerce and formation of manufacturing and trading joint ventures between India and Qatar and promoting investment in either country on a bilateral basis

Vision:To become a trusted partner for Indian companies to do business in Qatar.